Jumat, 13 Maret 2015


Anime* is an animation came from Japan. Anime can adopted from manga. Manga** is comic came from Japan, manga is created by 'Mangaka'. Mangaka*** is the name of manga maker. Anime/Manga has many genre like :
  • Bishoujo : The characters is mostly female
  • Bishounen : The Characters is mostly male
  • Harem : The male character on the anime is surrounding by many girls
  • Mecha : Anime that contain robots and wars
  • Magical Girl : Anime that contain magic, the main character is female
  • Sentai : Military for male
  • Senshi : Military for female
  • Shoujo Ai : Anime with Girl Relationship theme but not to sex #
  • Shounen Ai : Anime with Boy Relationship theme but not to sex #
  • Yuri : Anime with Girl Relationship until sexual #
  • Yaoi : Anime with Boy Relationship until sexual #
  • Ecchi : Anime that contain vulgar/pervert scene/character, Ecchi is H from Hentai, Ecchi not to sex #
  • Hentai : Anime that contain MANY sexual scene #

There's still many genres other genres like, Supernatural, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Demons, Mystery, etc. . 'Otaku' is the name of people who really likes Anime or Manga. Otaku usually know more about Anime, because Otaku exploring much about Anime.
That's all I think, Thank You ^_^
* read : A-ni-me
**read : Man-ga / Mang-ga
***read : Man-ga-ka / Mang-ga-ka
#better not to watch it, not recomended by me
Written by Hauna

Minggu, 01 Maret 2015

Sanur Beach

Sanur-beach (2) 

Indonesia has many kinds of Beach. Now I want to tell you about Sanur Beach. Sanur Beach is a tourists place which is located  in Sanur Village, Denpasar sub-district, Denpasar city, Bali province. It is about 6 km from Denpasar center city, 10 km from Ngurah Rai Airport. It takes 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport. Sanur Beach was existed in 1932 by Adrean Jean Majeor The Markpres. Adrean Jean Majeor The Markpres sailed in Indonesia, and He met a girl named Nyi Nyoman Polok in Bali, she was 15 years old. And then they got married. In 1958, Adrean Jean Majeor The Markpres died. And in 1985 Nyin Nyoman Polok died. Sanur Beach is known as Sunrise beach because tourists can see a beautiful sunrise in Sanur Beach. Sanur Beach doesn't have big waves, so it can't be used for surfing, but it can be used for diving and snorkeling. Sanur Beach not only known by the sunrise, but also the white sands. In the morning, before the sun rising, tourists can see beautiful scenery of Nusa Penida island, and the south coast of the island of Bali. In the afternoon, tourists can see Batu Karang hill at the south of Sanur Beach. Not only Batu Karang hill, but also tourists can see many colorful coral reefs. This place has complete facilities like bathroom, restaurant, villa, and restroom.
written by: Fildzah Athifah

Selasa, 27 Januari 2015

My dream house

Fildzah's Dream House
Hello, I'm fildzah! In the future, I wiil make my house with my own design. It will have two floors. On the first floor, there will a large garden in front of my house.. beside the garden, there will a swimming pool. In my house, there will five bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and maid's room, there will a library, in the library there wil two computers, and also there will a living room and three bathrooms. On the second floor, there will a large family room, and also there will a avoid space.

Putri's dream house
Hello, I'm putri! In the future, I will make my house with my design.It will have three floors.on the first floor,there will a large swimming pool in middle my house,in front of my house i will make a large garden.i will make my bedroom with my own design. It will be a classic bedroom. on the first floor, there will two bedrooms, three bathrooms. in my every  bathrooms, there will a bath tub and a shower for take a bath. there will a kitchen with a dining room. in Front of  door, there will a big living room and family room. near the stairs, there will a pond. On the second floor, there will two childrens room,three bathrooms.near the stairs there will a living room and a family rooms,on the second floors i want a games room,three balcony.on the third floors there are storage and a avoid space

Azra's Dream House
Hello, I'm Azra!! In the future, I will make my house with my own design. It will have two floors. On the first floor, there will a Guess room, a kitchen, a dining room, and two bedrooms with a bathroom in each room. There will a storage near the backyard. In front of my house there will a garden and a carport. On the second floor, there will a two bedrooms, and a bathroom. There will a large family room, a mini library, a music room and a balcony.
Written by : Azra Batrisyia Azzahra

Ariana's Dream House
Hello, I'm Ariana! NIce to meet you all! I want to tell you about my dream house. it will has three floors. On the first floor, there will a big kitchen, big living room, big family room, and three large berdrooms. In the bak yard, there will a flower garden and a big swimming pool. On the second floor, there will also a music room, and clean room. on the second floor, there will five bedrooms, a relaxing room,  internet space, small library, collection room, children's play room, and a hanging garden. In the hanging garden, there will many plants. On the third floor, there will a fitting room, and make up room. This floor will be an open space.

Hauna's Dream House
Hello, I'm Hauna!!! My future house, it's Large, the yard and the garden large too, it will has three floor. On the first floor, there is a big guess room in the front, then a big family room with TV and proyector for watch film like on cinema, next to the family room, there will be a big kitchen, and at the dining room is at the opposite of the kitchen, the bathroom is on the family room, then the backyard has a big swimming pool, there will be a fence before the pool for child safety, there will be a storage too. On the second floor it has four bedrooms, one for my parents, one for me and my husband, two more for my child, in every bedrooms has it own bathrooms, there will a playroom for kids and computer room, the public bathroom is on the playroom, the balcony will heading to the front and back, and in every balcony has one long chair and one little table. On the third floor, there will be a big music studio with many music instruments on it, then it has my own room, I will fill it with my Anime things, there will a drawing room and a computer room too, the bathroom is beside the music studio, the balcony is the same with the second floor, but at the front balcony, it doesn't has roof, and it will be a garden on it. I think that's it ^_^ Thank You..

Adinda's Dream House
In the future, I want a house with classic design. In the living room, the floors is made from glass with a pond under the floors, so there will be a transparant pond. On the first floor I want a studio, swimming pool that surrounded by gardens. In the gardens, there will a bridge near the gardens. There will a dining room in the rear garden, small mosque near the swimming pool, family room, three bedrooms. Behind the garden, there wil a maid's room, clean kitchen, dirty kitchen, stone-floored bathrooms with every bathub made of stone in the bathroom. On the second floor, there will three bedrooms, three stone-floored bathrooms with three bathub made of stone, children's play room, and family room. On the third floor, is specially for large park, small swimming pool, and a place for relaxing.